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Self Love/ Romance Spell Jar

Self Love/ Romance Spell Jar

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- Handmade with intent by myself
- Materials and jar were cleansed beforehand with incense
- It will look similar the the photos, not exactly the same though. Depends on what ingredients I have on hand at the time.

How to use:
There is no wrong way to use them, but here are some options:
- Set it on your altar as a visual intention setting reminder
- Keep it in your car or near your person
- Charge it under the light of each full moon
- Cleanse with incense or a smoke cleansing stick when you feel that the energy is stagnant or counterproductive
- Meditate with them in each hand
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i did expect this to be bigger but either way i love this ! the wax used is very pretty. This looks good on my desk, my self love has increased since this arrived in my home


Self Love/ Romance Spell Jar


This is such a beautiful little spell jar. It brings me such joy and reminds me to take care of myself when I look at it.


goregous gorgeous GORGEOUS!!! i fell in love with this as SOON as i saw it on another site and knew i had to buy it! working as advertised so far ;)