Please use the chat widget at the bottom right to contact me with any questions or concerns! Thank you.


Frequently Asked Questions 


Q: Can you film my order being packed on TikTok?

A: I offer a add-on with your order for $5 to do this. I get a lot of orders and I can't film them all by request sorry!


Q: Do you ship internationally? 

A: Not on my website yet, but I do on Etsy!


Q: How do I tell you what I want for my custom spell jar, or send you a message about my mystery witch kit?

A: Please use the chat in the bottom right corner of this webpage. 


Q: How do I contact you in general?

A: Please use the chat in the bottom right corner of this webpage. I don't answer social media messages sorry, I get too many. 


Q: When will Witchfetti be back in stock? 

A: I will have an announcement banner at the top of my website when I know when Witchfetti will be back in stock. If you don't see one, it's probably because I don't have the funds at the moment to restock it. 


Q: Where did you get the idea for witchfetti? 

A: @metaphysicalwitch on TikTok! Check out her shop :) 


Q: There's something wrong with my order

A: Please message me using the chat bubble at the bottom right. I'm happy to give refunds, send new products, or add gifts to your next order! And I am sorry about that!


Q: Can you make me a custom spell jar necklace? 

A: Yes, I would love to!


Q: When will ___ be back in stock? 

A: Please feel free to send me a chat! I am more than willing to prioritize stocking something that someone is interested in buying.


Q: I haven't received my order yet? 

A: Please send me a chat with your address and I will look into this ASAP. 


Q: How long does it take for you to package and ship orders? 

A: Usually about 1 day or less. 


Q: Where can I get updates about your store or see packing videos? 

A: @electricmoonshop and @foragewitch on Tiktok!


Q: Where can I see examples of the size of Witchetti scoops or mystery witch kits? 

A: There are playlists on my main Tiktok account @foragewitch for each of those.


Q: Are your crystals ethically sourced? 
A:  Here is what my supplier says about their sourcing - "Ethical sourcing is so important to us. Our crystals come to us from all over the world. In so much as is practical and possible we try to ensure all materials are ethically sourced. We source almost exclusively from suppliers with whom we have built long term relationships and mutual trust over many years. We are confident these suppliers take seriously the need to ensure decent working conditions, proper business ethics and fair wages for all."